Ulf Treged is working on another novel. Heated debate sparked on Internet discussion servers and in literary cafes. The writer’s fans are concerned, where the second book of the new literary talent will bring its readers. Are we going back to dismal places around Trondheim in Norway? Will Treged continue to work with already commenced story? And what happens to Kirsten, the main heroine?

One thing is certain; readers can look forward to another good dose of tension, efficient narrative style and gloomy atmosphere. “I cannot write otherwise. Issues concerning humanity and the outer limits of the human psyche resonate in my head. Psyche that can bring a man to the place where he ceases to be a man. The evil on the planet manifested in human beings. And my next story will also be about this,” describes Treged.

The forthcoming novel will appear on the shelves of bookstores in Sweden next year. Ulf Treged revealed that recent past and unsolved mysteries of our history will again penetrate the storyline like a thin red line. “History has convinced us many times that what the former contemporaries considered moral and best possible solution, today perceived as completely inhumane and despicable, and vice versa.”